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When it comes to HUD Multifamily Debt... Execution. Is. Everything.

Not sure where you sit? A HUD/FHA multifamily loan expert can give you peace of mind.
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Along with our correspondent MAP partner, we closed $2 billion in FHA insured multifamily debt this year; that makes us the industry leader.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers multifamily developers the highest leverage, long-term, fixed-rate, non-recourse financing on the market — but the loan application process is one of the most grueling and confusing in its class. It's important to work with experienced experts.

Some of our FHA Insured Debt Products

  • HUD 221(d)(4) FHA insured multifamily construction debt for market-rate, affordable and age-restricted communities
  • HUD 223(f) FHA insured multifamily debt for the purchase or recapitalization of existing market-rate, affordable and age-restricted communities.
  • HUD 223(a)(7) FHA insured multifamily debt to reduce the interest rate and/or increase the term of existing HUD-insured multifamily debt.
  • HUD 232 FHA insured multifamily debt for the purchase, acquisition, and development of senior living facilities including skilled nursing, Alzheimer's care, and others.
  • HUD 241(a) supplemental FHA insured multifamily debt for the enhancement of existing properties encumbered by HUD insured debt.

We manage the complete loan process

So you can focus on what matters... your project.
White Glove Service

Our team of expert underwriters, analysts and bankers will be hands-on throughout the entire process to coordinate with your team and HUD's.

Rapid Execution

With 15 years in the business, we've streamlined each step of the loan process. The result is execution up to 2x faster than other MAP lenders.

Aggressive Terms

We know where to push and pull in order to maximize returns for our borrowers. When it comes to leverage, pricing and execution we will improve your economics at each corner.

As a full-service HUD MAP Lender and Capital Markets Advisory Firm, you can rely on us to help you every step of the way.  We'll take care of the heavy lifting and make the process as easy as possible for you.
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While HUD-insured multifamily debt is generally available from $10MM and up for construction and from $4MM and up for permanent debt, there are alternatives available through us.

There are other options

  • Alternate lenders for construction or permanent multifamily debt that we can walk you through include local, regional and national banks; debt funds; life insurance companies; institutions; pension funds; hedge and private equity funds; Fannie Mae; Freddie Mac, and so many more.

    Sometimes HUD is the best option and sometimes it isn't for various reasons, such as its Davis Bacon prevailing wage requirement for construction projects, so before taking the next step, reach out to us to discuss your options.
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What our clients have to say?

Praveen K.
Middle Market Multifamily Owner, Operator and Developer
  • "They redefine the phrase "out of the box." In the multifamily real estate context, they bring expertise to the table, deliver where others fail and are a constant resources for any and all questions related to multifamily and commercial real estate debt. Their expertise is only topped by their dedication to their clients and a genuine desire to have them achieve their best results.
Nigel K.International Private Equity Executive
  • "...After all my negative experiences of recent years it has been a breath of fresh air..."
Roger S.Fund Manager
  • "Fantastic service from Blake and his team. Best in the business..."